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Southern Global, Inc. located in Albertville, Alabama, USA was incorporated in early 2004 as a consulting / management firm specializing in designs of agricultural projects throughout the world and specializing in West Africa. It is owned and managed by Mr. David Hough. Mr. Hough has been doing international business since the early 1970's. In addition to his extensive international travels and experince, he lived in Cotonou, Benin in 2004 to better understand the African culture and business practices.


With over 35 years of experience Mr. David Hough is known internationally in the grain storage and animal feed manufacturing industry. He began his career in the early 1970's working in the family business Hough Brothers, Inc. located in Sunfield, Michigan. In 1980 he relocated to Hartford, Connecticut and worked for Kennebec International before established Hough International, Inc. in 1984 modeled after his family business but specializing in international instead of domestic agricultural projects. He developed an engineering department that design turnkey facilities with the main focus on small emerging markets in underdeveloped countries. Over 200 projects were designed and built in China, 40 in Southeast Asia, 25 in South America and 5 in Africa (Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa). Hough International grew from a 3 employee business to having revenues of approximately 75 Million USD annually employing over 350 people with manufacturing plants in Alabama and Kansas in addition to an international offices in Beijing, China and Thailand. Mr. Hough was President until selling his interest in 1995 and retiring briefly.



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